Aug. 7, 2022

ASR @ Mancamp

ASR @ Mancamp

If you're here chances are you're locked in for this year's Mancamp, Oct 21-23rd just outside of Cincinnati, OH! If you missed registration get your $70 ready, there's always a flash sale the week after MC.

We'll manage most details via GM and google drive but I'll post a lot of stagnant links here because it's easier. The biggest thing now will be getting your gear, but don't trip many things we'll buy as a unit, though some things you will want for yourself. The link that MC emailed us does a solid job of describing how to prepare and what to expect; we'll discuss more of that next week via Zoom (and over email).


  • Our Recommendations | Amazon List
  • Doug's Camping Pack | Dick's Sporting Goods
    • you don't need this exact bag (I chronically overpack, which you do NOT wanna do for MC lol) but I do suggest
    • an internal frame (keeps your shit from weighing you down on the hike in)
    • No less than 50 liters (this pack will hold EVERYTHING you bring, any less than this you'll end up carrying something by hand which you don't want)
  • Doug's '20 MC Purchases | Amazon List
    • sharing this only so you can learn from some of my mistakes lol
    • Also, YouTube is your friend!

Reminder: this isn't our event, we don't manage the details (or any of the liabilities lol) but we'll be responsible for each other as a unit.

So Mr. Karver went on this trip for the first time last year: without a doubt, life changing and a TON of fun. We recommend checking out the FAQs on their page cause they cover WAY more details than we will but:

  • Is it legit camping? Yes.
  • Was it a weekend away with unlimited beer on site? Also yes.
  • Is it sponsored by a church? Yes (we know some of you are already confused lol)
  • Was it out of his comfort zone? My God yes. And somehow that made it all THAT much more worth it.

You can find out more information about Mancamp by clicking here!