Adult. Sleep. Repeat.

Season 1

Nov. 1, 2020

ASR Favs: COVID Sammich

As Mr. Karver crawls out of his a depressive stretch ending a two month hiatus we look back on some of our favorite episodes: the…

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June 19, 2020

Hotline Tings [Juneteenth]

Happy Juneteenth. We deserve. JUSTICE for Breonna Taylor |   The full list of Drake submissions are available on our playlists: …

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June 15, 2020

[Liberation w/ Fiance] Lowkey Caught the Seed: S4 Insecure Finale

Every Black person you know needs a break in order to keep up the fight for racial justice and equity; we NEED it. So this week a…

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June 8, 2020

Eyes Tired [BLM]

A well-meaning White person’s guide to equity, allyship and racial justice. In response to the state sponsored murders of Breonna…

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May 13, 2020

[Friends + Family] One Great Big Zoom Framily

Struggling to be the picture perfect pandemic friend and family member?! Turns out you're not the only one. Mr Karver reflects on…

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March 17, 2020

Medicine Sandwich [COVID-19 Special]

Before we all die an untimely death due to lack of bread, toilet paper, and possible le Corona virus, Mr Karver sits down with an…

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Feb. 27, 2020

InfiniTI Gaunlet w/ TI [Confidence]

Why ain't nobody tell me to build my confidence this way?! We sit down with the homie TI to discuss how his vision of himself isn…

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Feb. 25, 2020

Don't Guard Him, DON'T GUARD HIM! [Confidence]

On today's Soapbox Session Mr. Karver rants about the benefits of being just a touch ugly with a sprinkle of sexy, the benefit of…

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Jan. 27, 2020

Mediocrity is Trash [Do Better]

No one sets the goal of being as average as humanly possible, so why is it that you find yourself feeling stuck from time to time…

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Jan. 26, 2020

This Is For Rachel [The Late A** Decade Wrapped Bonus Show]

In this (better late than never) bonus episode Mr. Karver reflects on the last decade and the five most impactful lessons that wi…

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Nov. 24, 2019

Alum. Sleep. Repeat. [The LIVE Show]

It's our first live show! 4A invited us to host the Black Alumni kickoff at the AACRC for the University of Cincinnati's bicenten…

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Nov. 24, 2019

Look Good. Feel Good. [Fashion]

What would you look like if you let your best friend dress you? How about your boss? Your side piece's mom that doesn't know ther…

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Oct. 23, 2019

[Fashion w/ Courgasm] Yew. Caint. Do. This.

*Black girl clap* Mr. Karver sits down with midwest internet session, Courgasm, to find out should becoming a parent change your …

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Oct. 23, 2019

What Are THOSSSSSE?! [Fashion]

*fixed* Do you look how you feel?! Is fashion once you become older, employed full time, become a parent, have a crappy week (tri…

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Oct. 15, 2019

[Entrepreneurship w/ Nudy] That's Not Normal?

Nudy (serial entrepreneur and marketing professional) and Mr. Karver (guy with a mic and wifi) discuss the flat tummy tea selling…

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Oct. 8, 2019

Only Fans [Entrepreneurship]

Would you like to earn some extra money doing something you already do and enjoy? WELL WOULDN'T WE ALL! Also, why can't you. Mr. …

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Sept. 19, 2019

[Parenting w/ Chad] Da Baby. My Baby. All These Babies.

The good homie Chad falls through to discuss the allure of young adulthood while being a dad to three human beings, blending a fa…

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Sept. 16, 2019

...Ya Mama [Parents]

How do you balance the responsibility of being a full fledged adult while deferring to the wisdom and “authority” of your parents…

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Sept. 13, 2019

PB&J [Evolution]

Remember when a PB&J was the best thing...since sliced bread? Well, like your palette, you too are allowed to evolve. [Make It Ma…

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Sept. 11, 2019

[Evolution w/ Patty] Who Are These People?!

Patty joins Mr. Karver for "Why Ain't Nobody Tell Me" to figure out how different life has played out from how she planned it at …

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Sept. 9, 2019

I Got Next [Evolution]

Give Queen Latifah her things! What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid? Most of us pursue education in one topic, …

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Sept. 5, 2019

[Friends] ...and That's Okay

Adult. Sleep. Repeat.

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Sept. 4, 2019

[Friends w/ Tony Hill] Did We Just Become Best...

In the middle of building a career, convincing other people you're a decent enough person to spend time around, and trying to sec…

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Sept. 2, 2019

Nooooo, Don't Do It Sherm! [Friends pt.1]

Love them or hate them, we all have someone to encourage us when times are hard and to humble us when our fits are trash. This we…

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Aug. 29, 2019

Remember the Time? [Dating pt. 3]

Adult. Sleep. Repeat. (fueled by RetinaSpark)

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Aug. 28, 2019

[Dating w/ G Dot & Ashley] If I Had a BF I Wouldn't Even Be Here

Dating in your XX's is weird, so Mr. Karver follows up on this week's Soapbox Session to ask two fierce, hilarious women what it …

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Aug. 19, 2019

Sick of Being Lonely [Dating pt. 1]

$200 dates. DM protocol. To count or not to count the bodies, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The…

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Aug. 15, 2019

Dance Like the Whites Are Watching [Creativity pt. 3]

...because they are, so enjoy yourself! Otherwise, what is life: make it make sense?! Let's talk about what it takes to live a mo…

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Aug. 14, 2019

[Creativity w/ Antoine Edmonson] iRefuse to Kill the Kid

(he's a dad + he makes music, while still being a dad) joins Mr Karver as they discuss what it means to take ownership as an adul…

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Aug. 12, 2019

[Creativity] No One Wants to Be Boring

When's the last time you made something just because you wanted to? Did something because it was fun? Mr. Karver spends his first…

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