Adult. Sleep. Repeat.


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Just what you need!

Each episode is exactly what you need. The topics are fresh and give you a wide range of subjects. This podcast is in my weekly rotation because it’s so relatable. It almost feels like you are right there with the Host and Guests. Check it out!

Mr. Karver

Thought provoking and laugh out loud funny ! Enjoy and look forward to each podcast!


Dope & relatable content from a Creative Genius!! We all have experienced the mediocrity of what life can be like as an adult. The podcast truly helps you examine your inner creative and challenges you to get out the and GET TO IT!!!

Something for everyone

Surely, you’ll listen to this podcast and find that it’s relatable. The conversations are open, honest and just real. And the wide range of topics covered makes it easy to find something that interests you!


Disclaimer, I don’t even like podcasts... but mannnn this pod right here (Katt Williams voice)!! If you want a roll up of the millennial adult lifestyle into short episodes, you should be subscribed as hell. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Class Act

I love Doug’s work ethic, structure & creativity. Big fan of the Pod!


I like this cool approach to the everyday young black professional who’s just trying to navigate through life. A good listen for nostalgia and adulting realness.


I typically have a hard time finding podcasts that really keep my attention, but this one is it! It’s super relatable, honest, and raw and overall perfect for the everyday working adult. Doug is also funny af and a true visionary. You can tell he works really hard at putting out great content!! Subscribe and start listening today!!

You Need This In Your Morning Routine

Adjusting to life post-grad was... rough. Definitely cried a few times in the Nissan, but ASR totally made me feel like I wasn’t alone floating through this wacky period we call adulthood, that lasts until... death I guess? ASR will make you smile, laugh, and feel community. When you’re yearning for your younger days, ASR is right there with you, but best of all, it’ll make you feel so comfortable and proud of exactly where you are!

Should have subscribed sooner

The content, the guests, all of the above is A+, being mid 30s I’ve connected with every topic and appreciate the realness that the host provides. This is easily top 3 morning rotation.

Put this on REPEAT

Okay, so I started listening to this podcast when it first premiered, and I haven’t been disappointed at all! The host has a way of reflecting on life events in the most funny way and also coming with some fire advice. I’m in my mid-twenties, so this has given me insight into the future on some episodes, and for others, I feel like I can closely relate to the experiences in this moment!

My opinion

The podcast is extremely creative, objective and truly is a voice for a generation of young black professionals figuring out their way through life. The content pulls from personal experiences of guest and the host, a must subscribe podcasts in my opinion, THERE’s Something for Everyone in this podcast!!! Subscribe and Enjoy


For everyone who is adulting and looking for a way to shake up the monotony, LISTEN. TO. THIS. Content is create and speaks to all types of individuals! 🔥🔥🔥


This is it! Finding a new podcast that actually speaks to me is not an easy task but ASR has me tuned in for every episode!


I love listening to ASR! Keep going bro!

A Must Listen!!!

I was looking for a new podcast. One that can relate to my everyday life a few years out of college into adulthood and this was it!

Love it!

One of the highlights of my week. A really fun show and takes an honest look at interesting topics!


So as I began my exploration in the world of podcast this one stood out by far. Not only as a highlight in a world of adulting but a mental thrust in adulting better. I love Doug's innate ability to streamline problems into humor. This is a part if it weekly routine now & I'm excited to see what's next.

Not Doing Anything for Clout cause I gotta work tomorrow

Nostalgic. ASR. I’m old enough to know not to chase clout, but I still post pics of bae and I when we hit a new city.