Aug. 20, 2022

'22 League Updates

'22 League Updates

League Updates | 9.17.22

TLDR: if you wanna pay everything in one payment it's below, links to pay below too. LATE FEES HIT AT KICKOFF. Think of last place punishments; enjoying losing to me this year.

  • OG Division $100
  • MCTDs Division Total Dues, $113.50


  • League-wide Updates

    •  Unpaid (or no notice) Dues
      • Dom
      • Jeremie
      • Hamm
      • Jay
      • Jahid
    • League Dues ($100 total)
      • $85 due TODAY Sept 17th [2 wks late]
        • Zelle
          • my phone number
        • Pay on Venmo
        • Pay on CashApp
      • Late Fees will be assessed weekly at kickoff (Thursdays @ 8:00pm EST) beginning at WK1, Thursday Sept 8th 
        • $5 per week 
        • $25 total late fee cap 
      • If you need additional time let Doug know by WK1 with when you'll have dues paid otherwise late fees will apply
    • Website Tax, Passed (11 to 4 to 6)
      • $15 every two years
      • Oct 1st deadline (or pay w/dues)
      • Website will be up and running by WK6-Oct 15th
    • Fish Bowl / Juicy Smollet / Ass Bracket
      • We'll collect more ideas for punishments and vote on them in WK2
      • Current ideas:
        • Eat a Popeyes biscuit for every L you took in one sitting
        • Wear Hated Attire
        • Gotta kiss a fish
        • Loser paints their toenails red, must wear open toe shoes for a week and must document (MCTDs only)
        • Profile pic in SM with "I'm trash at Fantasy Football" caption for a month
        • Amateur stand up comedy night with league in attendance
        • Date with giant stuffed animal at a nice restaurant
  • MCTDs (Expansion) Updates

    • Belt Trophy Tax, Passed (6 to 1 to 2)
      • $13.50 one-time tax for "divisional" championship belt 
      • Nov 1st deadline (or pay w/dues)
      • Belt always stays within the division to the winner of the championship matchup despite overall league placement
      • Design is between this black design and this white design which we'll vote for after the draft